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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pajama Pants in Public - The New Epidemic

I've noticed a new trend...........and it's quite disturbing.

More and more people are wearing their pajamas in public!
No really, I swear it's true!
Since I started clerking at the convenience store, I have noticed people coming into the store wearing pajama pants.
You know the pants I'm talking about. Flannel, every color under the sun, with various graphics on them like penguins, angry birds, names of sports teams. And after Christmas we are blessed with snowmen and candy cane patterns.

I mean...what are they thinking? Do they not have enough time to throw on a pair of jeans? 

Those things were meant to be worn in the comfort of your own home, at night, before bedtime. Not in the middle of the day, or at the grocery store.

Now don't get me wrong. I have a couple pairs of flannel pajama pants. Super warm for my cold Iowa winter nights. But you won't see me wearing them to the grocery store.  

And we can all be thankful for that!